Project 2 – Modeling and Visualizing Decentralized Energy Systems

Modeling and visualization are important skills for the successful design of work, development, and decision-making processes. Therefore, the development and communication of these competencies is of particular importance. So far, they have not been taught seamlessly throughout an educational biography. The design of transitions between different educational institutions are important for the success of an educational biography. “Modeling” as a competence still lacks continuity in education because, in practice, there is no overriding understanding of the various aspects of modeling used in different educational institutions. In the Lake Constance region, it is of additional interest to construct transitions between individual countries as well as transitions between educational institutions. This means that modeling and visualization processes can also be successful on an international level. The aim of the project is, therefore, to develop concepts for a seamless development of these skills in the progression of an educational biography in the Lake Constance region using a design-based research approach.

Project partners: Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, St.Gallen University of Applied Sciences
Project period: 01.04.2017 bis 31.03.2019