Project 4 – Agile Project Management

In many places, projects dominate everyday working life, and they are becoming ever more complex. Project management is, therefore, becoming a key qualification – especially in the Lake Constance region with its concentration of service industries. Social and communication skills are the key success factors and they cannot be learned just theoretically. For this reason, the gap between theory and practice could hardly be greater than in project management. This research project wants the abrupt transition between studies and career in our region to be as seamless as possible. It this case, a process model, a regulatory framework with specific learning steps, and supportive software for project management training have been developed. In this research project, communication cultures are analyzed by country and summarized in a global guideline for project management. The didactic concept is being tested and optimized in a compulsory elective module for the Master’s program in computer science at the University of Constance.

Project partners: Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Sybit GmbH, EUrelations, Fachgruppe «Projektmanagement in der Forschung», Siobra better Software Solutions
Project period: 01.03.2018 – 29.02.2020