Project 5 – Waves

A general lack of interest in MINT subjects (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, and technology) has resulted in a significant shortage of skilled workers. Nor do mathematical and physical formulas contribute to the attractiveness of these subjects and, to students, these bear no relation to everyday life. This project combines mathematical formulas with the everyday observable phenomena of wave propagation and its technical applications. Wave propagation is usually taught from the front of the classroom late in the curriculum or is omitted altogether since it requires extensive mathematical tools for the standard formula-based approach. In actual fact, the topic has a strong socio-political relevance - think of noise protection, cell phone radiation, water waves, music, etc. This research project assumes that this challenging topic could be tackled earlier and with much less prior knowledge by means of gaming-style interaction, exploratory learning, and the application of e-learning. The goal is to develop a package of digital tools, learning materials, and documentation supplied through a seamless learning platform. To add to their attraction, the simulation tools for wave propagation feature a user-friendly interface, touchscreen, and acoustic applications.

Project partners: Zurich University of Applied Sciences, University College of Teacher Education Vorarlberg, Rainbow Photonics, Swissphotonics
Project period: 01.03.2018 - 31.12.2020