Project 7 – Image Processing Using Smartphone Apps

The Lake Constance region is also in need of more MINT-subject graduates. Unfortunately, learning difficulties in mathematics are often partly responsible for dropouts or exam failure. Why? At secondary school level, there have been some cuts to mathematics lessons. Also, it differs a lot from the modules taught at universities of applied sciences. Furthermore, different learning biographies mean any previous knowledge acquired by the student is of limited value. Also problematic is the transition from the very theoretical foundations of the first academic year to the application-oriented engineering subjects in later study years. This research project sets out to address this fragmentation with a seamless learning concept by exemplifying how this can be overcome. Central to this is a smartphone app for digital image processing that is being tested at vocational colleges and universities of applied sciences. This allows simple alterations on images to be made – for example to faces. Image processing and its mathematical foundations are a key technology of automation and digitization. Using the app in combination with tutorials, these concepts can be conveyed in an innovative and vivid way. This increases the quality of classroom teaching.

Project partners: Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, BBZ Schaffhausen, Dermolockin GmbH
Project period: 01.03.2018 – 31.05.2020