Lab management – project organization and coordination

The lab management team consists of Prof. Dr. Claude Müller-Werder and Jennifer Erlemann from the Center for Innovative Didactics (ZID) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Witzig and Dr. Matthias Schmid from the Institute of Computational Physics (ICP).

Areas of responsibility

The tasks of the Lab Management serve the implementation of the Lab’s goals and include the areas of contact maintenance and communication with all partners (applicants, consortium and advisory board), the IBH and the outside world (external) as well as public relations through website and social media channels. The concepts and software implementations developed in the base project are done in close consultation with the Lab Management, with the background that the Lab Management is able to provide advice to applicants. At the same time, the management must be able to evaluate the interim reports in terms of a smooth overall process.

Operational management

Dr. Matthias Schmid 
Institute of Computational Physics
ZHAW School of Engineering
Jennifer Erlemann 
Zentrum für Innovative Didaktik
ZHAW School of Management and Law