Project 5 – Waves

The rather low interest in STEM subjects contrasts with a major shortage of skilled workers. The fact is: mathematical-physical formulations hardly contribute to the attractiveness of these subjects. For learners, they have no connection to everyday life. The project therefore connects the mathematical formulations with everyday observable phenomena of wave propagation and their technical applications. Today, wave propagation is usually placed late in the curriculum as frontal instruction or is omitted – it requires comprehensive mathematical tools in the usual formula-based approach. At the same time, the subject is of great socio-political relevance: Think of noise pollution, mobile phone radiation, water waves, music, etc. In the research project, it is assumed that the challenging topic could be approached earlier and with much less prior knowledge; with a playful approach, explorative learning and the use of e-learning. The goal is to develop a package of digital tools, learning materials and documents. It is to be offered on a seamless learning platform. The simulation tools for wave propagation convince with user-friendly interface, touch screen and acoustic applications.

Project partners: ZHAW Winterthur, PH Vorarlberg, Rainbow Photonics, Swissphotonics
Project period: March 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020