Project 2 – Modeling and Visualizing Decentralized Energy Systems (Mosel)

Modeling and visualization are important competencies for the successful design of work, development and decision-making processes. Therefore, the development and teaching of these competencies is of particular importance. So far, they have not been taught seamlessly in the course of an educational biography. The design of transitions between different educational institutions is important for the success of an educational biography. In the case of the competence development “modeling”, continuity in education is still lacking, since in practice no overarching understanding of the various – in the educational institutions treated – partial aspects of modeling is defined. In the Lake Constance region, it is of additional interest to constructively design transitions between countries in addition to transitions between educational institutions. In this way, modeling and visualization processes can also be used successfully across countries in an economic way. The aim of the project is therefore to develop concepts for a seamless development of these competencies in the course of an educational biography in the Lake Constance region using a design-based research approach.

Project partners: Albstadt Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW, FHS St.Gallen
Project period: April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2019


Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Contini, Annamaria; Corni, Federico; Dumont, Elisabeth; Landini, Alessandra (2017). From Metaphors to Narratives in Macroscopic Physical Science—Stories of Forces of Nature for Young Children and their Teachers: Tagungsreferat. In: Narrative And Metaphor in Education. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Peer reviewed.